-- Words to open a shared code object
    Copyright (C) Tektronix, Inc. 1998 - 2001. All rights reserved.
    @see     GNU LGPL
    @author  Tektronix CTE                %derived_by: guidod %
    @version %version: 1.13 %
      (%date_modified: Thu May 10 12:01:58 2001 %)
  		This file exports a set of system words for 
                any OS that can dynamically bind object code to
  		the interpreter. This part will then try to look
                up a symbol that can return a loadlist-table to
                be fed to the loadlist-loader routine.
                this file is loaded when no dl-functionality
                could be detected. Therefore, nothing useful
                is done, and we define some dummy routines
                that will always fail.
#if defined(__version_control__) && defined(__GNUC__)
static char* id __attribute__((unused)) = 
"@(#) $Id: %full_filespec:  dl-none.c~1.13:csrc:bln_12xx!1 % $";

#define _P4_SOURCE 1

#ifndef _export
#include <pfe/def-config.h>

#include <errno.h>

/* no-dlopen: returns negative error code, description via strerror possible */
#  if defined ENOSYS
    return -ENOSYS;
#  elif defined ENODEV
    return ENODEV;
#  elif defined ENOEXEC
    return -ENOEXEC;
#  else
    return -1;
#  endif
/* no-dlopen: describe the last dl-error. as there was no error, it returns null */
const char* p4_dlerror (void)
    return 0;
/* no-dlopen: nothing can be opened anyway, so just returns null */
void* p4_dlopenext (const char* name)
    return 0;
/* no-dlopen: nothing was ever opened, so it is a no op. */
int p4_dlclose (const void* lib)
    return 0;
/* no-dlopen: find symbol in loaded object - nothing to do */
void *
p4_dlsym (const void* lib, const char* symbol)
    return 0;